How To Fix Operating System Not Found in Windows

How To Fix Operating System Not Found in Windows - Operating System Not Found is not the discovery of the Operating System (OS) on boot, this happens because of the incompatibility of the boot mode with the place of installation of the Operating System.

Operating System Not Found

In Boot Mode there are two Modes: UEFI and Legacy, between UEFI and Legacy certainly use the partition type is different. For UEFI using GPT while Legacy uses MBR.

Operating System Not Found

Problems Operating System Not Found very often occur just because of the case of the Boot Mode, if the Mode of his boot UEFI and happens Operating System Not Found, that means during the installation of the OS you put it down or choose a Legacy by using an MBR partition, so on the contrary if in Legacy mode occurs Operating System Not Found, means you choose the UEFI by using the GPT partition as the OS installation.

The question is why can happen to change bios mode from legacy to UEFI or vice versa so that it can mengakitbatkan Operating System Not Found, while the user or its users at all do not tamper with or change mode his boot? This is a very serious question, how to change own yes???.

Well, in general, settingan default bios that mode his boot is UEFI, and on most or can say in general people often use Legacy as the partition to install. However there is a defeat of a bios it is subjected to instability which can be caused opreating system that is problematic, or hardware-hardware is the point, so going to reset the bios. And return to the default settings. Well when you turn on the pc, it came to pass Operating System Not Found.

To a layman certainly confused jiksa happens it is, in contrast to a technician computer parts, Operating System kehapus, or there are system files missing, damaged HDD and so forth are things that are well thought out terlbih first, not to mention if there is something very important files in it and should be soon to be submitted, pengen nangis gitu....

There is a direct taken a decision to do a reinstall of the pc, but it turns out that this is redundant, because the cause is very trivial, namely boot mode changed. To fix it of course you have to get into the BIOS of your pc

How To Fix Operating System Not Found

Make sure that you know the keyboard keys where to enter the bios, usually when you turn on the pc, on boot it will appear on the bottom screen. Like the picture below

how to fix Operating System Not Found

The left is usually press <f2> to enter setup and the kananya press <f12> to change boot device. Well to get kebios is Setup, you need to know <f2> is the f2 key on your keyboard, but not all pc or laptop the same bisal Delete etc., but generally hell yes f2. There is also a pc that does not bring up like the picture above, well this will certainly complicate the situation. Soon you tanya om google for version pc you how go kebiosnya

After you know the keyboard key where to enter bios, here I give the steps.

The first step, if you get stuck on the appearance of the Operating System Not Found, and no shutdown button to off. pc, you can turn it off forcibly by pressing the power button with a long time until your pc dies, or can by removing the battery. This is the last option that you can do even a little to hurt your pc. If your PC is indeed in a state of death, directly to step two.

The Second step, press power button to turn on the pc (laptop), and then immediately press f2 on the keyboard (to enter bios). So it appears the display of the bios like the picture below.

The Third step, go to the Tab/Menu of the Boot by means of the direction of the arrows on your keyboard (you can see the guide on the bottom on the screen above)
On the Boot menu it looks like the picture below :

Operating System Not Found in acer, msi, asus

The Fourth step, the fox Mode his boot from UEFI to Legacy or vice versa depending on the Operating System where the,

Operating System Not Found

it will appear a warning (Warning!!), press Ok course.

Hot To Operating System Not Found
Warning Change Boot Mode

The Fifth step, see the bottom of the screen button keyboard where to do a save & Exit (usually is f10), you press f10 on the keyboard, if no dialog appears, ok right course. Then your pc will do a restart. And should the problem your pc is already resolved.

Thus the explanation for How to Resolve Operating System Not Found I can give and share, hopefully this article useful for those who need it.

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