Kumpulan Jawaban Quiz Oracle Academy Session 1 - 7

Kumpulan Jawaban Quiz Oracle Academy Session 1 - 7

Kumpulan Jawaban Quiz Oracle Academy All Session -  artikel ini berisi tentang kumpulan jawabn Quiz Oracle Academy yang secara acak sesuai dengan pengacak soal quiz academy secara otomatis, kunci jawaban soal quiz oracle academy ini sudah terverifikasi kebenaran untuk jawabannya.

berikut ini 15 Kumpulan Jawaban Quiz Oracle yang merupakan hanya sebagian dari ribuan soal quiz oracle academy

1. In Greenfoot, you can cast an Actor class to a World class?
False (*)

2. Writing more generic statements to handle the creation and positioning of many objects is one Abstraction technique?
True (*)

3. In Greenfoot, you will never have to cast as we only ever use 2 classes - World and Actor.
False (*)

4. In Greenfoot, which class has methods that allow you to get the status of the mouse?
Greenfoot (*)

5. In Greenfoot when you use the method to retrieve input from the user, the scenario will continue to run in the background?
False (*)

6. In Greenfoot, which method would you use to obtain input from the user?
ask() (*)

7. We can use the Actor constructor to automatically create Actor instances when the Greenfoot world is initialized. True or false?
False (*)

8. What does the following programming statement mean?
image1 = new GreenfootImage("duke12.png");
The image file, duke12.png, is assigned to the variable image1. (*)
Image files from 1-119 are associated with image1.
The image file, duke12.png, has just been drawn and imported into the scenario.
The variable, image1, cannot use the image file, duke12.png.

9. When you re-initialize a scenario, Greenfoot automatically displays an instance of the World subclass in the scenario. True or false?
True (*)
10. Defined methods are methods that are only created by the Greenfoot development team?
False (*)

11. From your Greenfoot lessons, to save space in the act method, you can write an entirely new method below it, called a _____________.
World method
Instance method
Defined method (*)
Class method
Code method

12. Use your Greenfoot knowledge to answer the question. One reason to write a defined method in a class is to make it easier to read. True or false?
True (*)

13. From your Greenfoot lessons, which of the following logic operators represents "and"?
&& (*)

14. In the following Greenfoot array, what statement would you write to access the "a" key?

Keynames = {"a", "b", "c", "d"};

keynames["a" key]
keynames[0] (*)

15. From your Greenfoot lessons, which symbol represents string concatenation?
Symbol =
Symbol + (*)
Symbol <
Symbol &

Demikianlah kumpulan dari jawaban quiz oracle, semoga membantu. masih banyak jawaban soal quiz oracle di postingan lain, bisa anda telurusi melalui form pencarian.

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